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the first ever HEALTHY FAST FOOD

Are you still sure that fast food is a constant compromise? That meanst that you have never tried Yammino!

Yammino – the only place in Moldova, where you can eat deliciously, fast and inexpensively, and in a pleasant atmosphere. We use only fresh products, and more than a half of the products are being prepared in a special oven – tandyr. This way the food keeps its useful properties and appetizing aroma. Nevretheless, Yammino is an amazing chance, without extra spending, to get familiar with Caucasian food and to enjoy it greatly.

The meat, sandwiches, burgers, khachapuris, brandsauces, tan, deserts and even the vegetarian dishes are all extremely delicious. Try them!

We look after the taste and quality

The main Yammino value is delicious food without the slightest compromise on the quality and benefits of our food. We will never allow ourselves anything, that can ruin the taste or the tehnologies, as well as, under no circumstances, will we ever use low-quality products. That is why our menu, from the meat to the sauces, is a brand new quality level in the field of fast food!

We give only positive emotions

Yammino is not just a fast food and even not just an eco-fast food! It is a proper restaurant, and not a street food point. The atmosphere here is always welcoming and filled with eastern comfort, and the cooking area is open for your view. We are friendly, attentive and, every day, we are striving to make, as many clients as possible, happy!

Supplements and beverages

Choose supplements or drinks to make your choice even more delicious!

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Supplements and beverages

Choose supplements or drinks to make your choice even more delicious!

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